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Giant Leaf Pit
Part of a ton of kid-friendly activities as this year’s event… Jump into Fondy FallToberfest with our Giant Leaf Pit: Fun for Everyone!

*Call to community* to bring “clean” leaves to Oven Island to create the biggest leaf pile you’ll ever come across.

We encourage you to help contribute to the giant leaf pit by bringing your clean, dry leaves to Oven Island at Lakeside Park Thursday, October 19th (1 – 5pm) and Friday, October 20th (9am – 5pm).

We’ll have volunteers checking these leaves and adding them to the pile. Once the event is over, we will be collecting these leaves so they don’t end up in storm drains or dumped in our waterways. They will be repurposed and used for mulch around Lakeside Park and other parks in Fond du Lac.

Time:  10am – 6pm
Location: Oven Island, East of parking lot
Sponsor: Mercury Marine


Kids Coloring Contest

Part of a ton of kid-friendly activities as this year’s event…Enter the coloring contest by completing one of the two coloring sheets offered at Fondy FallToberfest! Previews of the coloring sheets and early entries will be accepted at Fondue Fest 2023.  Prizes for top coloring sheets for Ages 4 – 8 & 9 – 13.  Judging to take place after FallToberfest event.

Time: 10am – 6pm

Location: Oven Island, Under the South Shelter
Sponsor: National Exchange Bank & Trust


Rope Maze
Part of a ton of kid-friendly activities as this year’s event… These mazes are sure to leave your body and brain left in knots! Clip into the maze and compete against your friends as you all try to make your escape, or time yourself and try to break your personal record!
Proposed Time: 10am – 6pm
Proposed Location: Softball Island, Behind Concessions
Sponsor: SSM Health


Pumpkin Launching
Come one, Come all to see the great Pumpkin Launcher! The catapult-like mechanism will be used to launch pumpkins into a field. Spectators are encouraged to watch on and learn about the Pumpkin Catapult! Participants will be able to choose between a small and large pumpkin and try their own hand in launching the pumpkin! How far will it fly?! Small pumpkins will be $3 and large pumpkins will be $5.
Time: 11am – 5pm
Location: Softball Island, West of Concessions and Diamond A
Sponsor: Michels Corporation


Apple Flinging
Part of a ton of kid-friendly activities as this year’s event… Visit the apple target range to test your target accuracy. Use a bucket of apples (5 apples) and try your hand at hitting one of the three targets in the range using the Apple Flinger. Each bucket of apples (5 apples) will be $3.
Time: 11am – 5pm
Location: Oven Island, East of Parking Lot
Sponsor: US Bank


Kids Axe Throwing Inflatable

Part of a ton of kid-friendly activities as this year’s event… kids can try their hand at axe throwing as well! A safe, kid-friendly axe throwing inflatable will be on-site for anyone to try!

Time: 11 am – 5 pm

Location: Oven Island, West of South Shelter

Sponsor: TDS Telecom / TDS Fiber


Horse-drawn Wagon Rides
Families and individuals alike can take a scenic ride through Lakeside Park on a Horse Drawn Wagon Ride to view the fall colors!
Time: 11 am – 6pm
Pick-up/Drop-off Location: Oven Island, North Shelter and Parking Lot
Event Partners:  Cooper Carriages & Beistle Bros Percherons & Carriage Co.
Sponsor: Grande Cheese Company


Trunk or Treating
Nonprofits and other area organizations and businesses will have some spooky and fun trunk displays and candy for the first 500 kids to register for your slot the day of the event (While supplies last).
Time: 12 – 2pm
Location: Oven Island, West of West Shelter

Are you a non-profit interested in registering?

Click the link and fill out the google form!


Pumpkin Sculpting & Painting
Part of a ton of kid-friendly activities as this year’s event… Come mold your own or color, paint, and decorate real pumpkins for your home this fall at Lakeside Park. Real pumpkins will be available while supplies last.
Time: 12 – 4 pm (while supplies last)
Location: Oven Island, South Shelter
Sponsor: Edward Jones


Sunny 97.7 Prize Wheel

Description: Answer trivia questions or complete challenges to win some awesome prizes at the Prize Wheel.  Our favorite DJs from The Rock and Sunny 97.7 will be broadcasting live, so stop by and say “Hi”

Time: 11am – 4pm

Location: Oven Island
Sponsor: Sunny 97.7


Kids Costume Contest
Part of a ton of kid-friendly activities as this year’s event… We would like to encourage our festival-goers to show some seasonal spirit and come to Fondy FallToberFest in their best family-friendly Halloween costume! Use your imagination to win big!
Time: Judging starts at 2pm / Final Results at 2:30pm
Location: FallToberFest Main Stage
Sponsor: Fleet Farm


Kids Candy Contest

Description: Enter to win the Kids Candy Contest! Simply guess how much candy is in the jar in front of you correctly, and win the entire candy jar! Each participant may enter one guess per candy jar. One lucky participant may be eligible to win the Grand Prize!

Time: All Day/ Winners will be drawn at 6 pm

Location: Under the South Pavilion on Oven Island

Sponsor: Horicon Bank




Beer Garden
Fondy FallToberFest will feature its own Beer Garden, a specially designated space for beer consumption and themed games, that will be open all day for adults to enjoy.
Stick around for the Fall Beer Schedule for five unique varieties which will be offered on a limited basis.
Time: Beer Garden open at 10am (Beer Schedule 1 – 5pm).  Specialty beers available while supplies last.
Location: Oven Island Beer Garden
Sponsor: Craft City Bottle Shop & Taproom


Adult Axe Throwing

Axe throwing has become one of the most popular activities to do in the fall or year-round! Adults will have the opportunity to participate in authentic axe throwing at Fondy FallToberFest this Fall thanks to our event partners – Fondy Axe Company!
Time: 11 am – 5 pm
Location: Oven Island, West of Main Shelter

Event Partner: Fondy Axe Company


FallToberfest Kickball Tournament
Description: Join the fun with an End-of-Year Kickball Tournament and be sure to invite anyone and everyone you know. Assemble a team and face-off against competitors from the community for the Tournament Title and ultimate bragging rights. Run, don’t walk, to sign up!  Ages 16 and up strongly encouraged.
Time: Starts at 10am
Location: East & Center Diamonds
Sponsor: Spectrum
Event Partner: Fond du Lac Softball, Inc.

For more registration information, visit the Fondy FallToberfest Kickball Tournament Facebook Event Page.


Hammerschlagen is a traditional German game where competitors take turns attempting to hammer a nail into a wooden stump. While this game can be played solo, it is best played while promoting healthy competition between friends, family, and strangers. All nails will be for purchase: $1 each.
Time: 1 pm – 5 pm
Location: Oven Island, Beer Garden
Sponsor: Airtech Heating and Cooling (Fond du Lac)


Masskrugstemmen is a traditional Bavarian game where competitors try to outlast one another while holding out a full stein in each hand. If at any point your arms are no longer parallel to the ground, you are disqualified. While this game may seem easy, it has proved a challenge for many with the world record sitting at 21 minutes and 17 seconds. Can you beat the steins?
Times: 1 pm – 6 pm (Finals: 5:30 pm)
Location: Over Island, Beer Garden
Sponsor: Waste Management