Fond du Lac Festivals presents

Mini Festivals at Fondue Fest

In partnership with Downtown Fond du Lac Partnership and Fondue Fest, Fond du Lac Festivals brings you the best of our festivals – Walleye Weekend, Sturgeon Spectacular, and BagsFest!  For more info on our organization and our festivals, please visit


Thank you for joining us at Fondue Fest on September 10, 2022 in downtown Fond du Lac. Lots of kids enjoyed fun and interactive mini games and activities with BIG prizes and even BIGGER Family Fun.  With help from our sponsors and event partners, we were able to provide fun for the whole family and give away prizes to kids of all ages!


For some at-home fun, click and download the Mini Festivals logo coloring and design page here


These games and activities at Fondue Fest were a way to showcase what Fond du Lac Festivals does – create awesome family-friendly festivals for the Fond du Lac community. Our three current events – Walleye Weekend, Sturgeon Spectacular, and Bags Fest will all be highlighted with mini variations of our crowd-favorite events.


We also introduced the Fondue Feast Challenge at Fondue Fest.  For more information on this event, Click here !


*Fond du Lac Festivals is always seeking volunteers who are interested in FUN volunteer opportunities.  For more information on volunteering or donating to our mission, please contact Pete Wilke at



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