Register below for the Strong Man/Woman Competition!

Strong Man/Woman competition will be held on Promen Drive (where Park Ave. meets Promen Drive).  If you can’t make the competition, please come back on Family Day (Sunday) where we’ll have Strong Man/Woman/Child Challenges from 12 – 4pm – click here for more info!


See below for which division you qualify. (You will be placed in a different weight class based on your weigh-in at the event):


The Workhorse Gym Strong Man/Woman Competition returns to Lakeside Park and Walleye Weekend on Saturday, June 11th.  Divisions include:

Online Registration (offered until midnight on June 6th) = $40
On-site Registration available (10:30 – 11:00am) at Strong Man Tent = $50 Cash

Prizes this year are $100 cash for 1st place and $50 cash for 2nd place!


Rules Meeting (11:30 am) – All competitors must be present at this time.

List of Challenges:
  • Record Breaker Conventional Deadlift (12:00pm)
  • Semi Pull (1:00pm)
  • Press Medley (2:00pm)
  • Yoke Walk/ Tire Flip (3:00pm)
  • Loading Medley (4:00pm)
  • Atlas Stones (5:00pm)
  • Awards to follow


Gear allowed: Belts, Knee and Elbow Sleeves, Wrist Straps, Lifting shirts, Tacky and Leather Sleeves for Altas Stones.
Squat & Deadlift suits NOT allowed


For questions, please contact Nikki Bell at:

(920)602-6031 or
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